Loan Modification Help - 6 Tips That Work With Any Lender For Quick Approval

Trying to get loan modification help but finding it difficult to understand your banks guidelines and approval process? Homeowners who are in the middle of applying for a loan workout, or who are wondering if they might qualify for a loan modification need to know a few important tips that will make the process easier to understand and give them the inside edge for quicker approval and mortgage relief. Once you understand a few basic guidelines, you will be able to complete your paperwork so that it has a greater chance of approval and be on your way to a fresh start with your lender.

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Here are 6 helpful tips that will work with any lender to help your loan modification application get approved:

You must know your lenders guidelines for loan modification approval. Each lender has a formula that they use to arrive at an acceptable modified payment and your application must demonstrate that you can meet this criteria. The federal stimulus plan, called Home Affordable Modification, has standard guidelines for everyone-learn what these are and you are on your way to success. Learn how to calculate your debt ratio so that you can figure out a monthly budget that implements your new modified payment and falls within your banks guidelines. For example, if your lenders guideline is a new payment that equals 31% of your gross monthly income, then prepare your loan modification application so that the new payment equals 31% of your gross income to meet the banks qualifications. If you don't know how to calculate your debt ratio, you can use a software program designed for homeowners that does all the figures for you automatically. Compose a compelling and convincing hardship letter that explains your situation to your lender. This letter should detail the circumstances that caused the hardship, what steps have been taken to remedy the situation, and your commitment to sustained home ownership. Keep it short-no more than 1-2 pages long. Make sure you cover the 3 critical elements in an effective letter. Provide back up documentation for your hardship. For example, if you had medical expenses, provide copies of the bills. If you were laid off or had your hours cut at work, send a copy of the notice from your employer. This will add credibility to your story. Include copies of your 2 most recent paystubs to cover a 30 day period, along with your 2 most recent bank statements, Federal Tax Returns for the last 2 years and proof for any other source of income. Submit a complete, accurate and acceptable loan modification application proposal to your lender. You can follow a Document Checklist to make sure you have supplied everything required by the bank. Missing paperwork will cause your application review to be delayed.

Borrowers who have some good, general knowledge of how the loan modification process works will be able to prepare a much more professional and acceptable application to their lender. This will greatly increase the chance for a quick and beneficial loan workout offer. Banks are flooded with thousands of requests, so a homeowner who takes the time to research, learn and prepare will most certainly be able to cut through the red tape and get the results they need sooner. Application TIP: Do NOT contact your lender until you have prepared your financial statements, determined your debt ratio and made any necessary adjustments to your forms. This is critical if you hope to have a good chance of approval.

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